The best way to predict the future is to design it.
— Buckminster Fuller



Ashley Scarborough is a British Designer from London, who is fascinated in applying design thinking to tricky problems for innovative developments in product service systems to support a circular economy and a happy planet. She is currently completing a Masters at the Royal College of Art (UK) on the Design Products program. She believes that design has the ability to change the world. 

In 2012, Ashley graduated with a first class BA(honours) degree in Interior Design from Kingston university, UK. From there she went on to design an international portfolio of interior experiences for the branded retail and hospitality sector. Always overly enthusiasic and often far too persuasive about sustainable approaches to living she decided designing for the big capitalist and consumption driven industry of retail didn't sit well with her values. She took the leap to learn how she could make a difference - to help people live in harmony with the world, to provide a positive imprint and to support a circular economy that is driven by love. 

Ashley is questioning how design and biology can combine to produce innovative solutions of consuming products in new positive ways, currently this question is manifesting in the exploration and fascination of the potential of mycelium. Ashley thinks that by developing the interdisciplinary practice of bio-design we would live in a better world. 




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