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Mission Possible

Mission Possible and the food squad


Animation by Amy Wolfe


These little characters encourage children to change the world...


Here's how: Through engaging story telling these characters cover the big issues we face within the environment. Gigi the carrot shares the problem with standardisation of fruit and veg in supermarkets, Nino the orange covers the plastic packaging dilemma, Ruby the radish teaches children about why bees need biodiversity of plants, Champ the broccoli sustains a healthy life and planet by limiting meat consumption, Ray the raspberry explains why seasonal veg is better for us and the planet, Aiko the Asparagus tries to offset the carbon emissions of internationally imported goods, Buster the butternut squash questions the reasons why we throw perfectly good food away after reading a use-by-dates and Batu the bok choy tells us how our food becomes compost and helps grow new food. 

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Mission Possible and the Food Squad encourages children to care about the environment and empowers them to learn ways to live more sustainably. Through a series of books that simplify and personalise large environmental issues, children can begin to make a positive impact as an individual. The books are read in conjunction with an app that invites children to be part of a secret agent society of like minded children carrying out missions that engage them in ways to form everyday habits for a healthy planet.

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